Open carrier auto transport shipping

The most common type of auto transport service is open carrier auto transport shipping. Open carrier auto transport shipping trucks can typically hold anywhere from 3 vehicles or as many as 9 vehicles.

Open carriers are the vehicle of choice for family cars, daily drivers, cars that need restoration, and for military families that are on a very tight budgetOpen carrier auto transport shipping trucks can take your vehicle across town, across the state, across the country, or even to and from Canada!

Each of the spots on an open carrier is controlled by hydraulic controls. That allows the driver to raise, lower, or change the size of the spot on the truck to accommodate different sized vehicles and so they can safely secure your car and make the very most of the space available on the truck. Prior to loading your vehicle on the truck, your car will be carefully inspected for any pre-existing damage, such as dents and scratches, which will all be recorded on a bill of lading form, so there will be no questioning the condition of your vehicle when it arrives. 


Auto transport service area

Wether Shipping a car from State to State, across the nation, or overseas rely on Smart Action Logistics to get your vehicle there with care!

Top Locations for Shipping a Car to or from: 

  • Florida East or West Coasts to California Los Angeles areas 
  • Florida East or West Coasts to Texas, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio areas 
  • Florida East or West Coasts to NE Major Cities (e.g. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Newark, etc.) areas 
  • North East Region (e.g. MA, MD, VA, NJ, NY, PA) to California Los Angeles area 
  • Texas to California Los Angeles area 
  • North East to Major Cities in Texas 
  • From Chicago to any areas listed above 
  • All Major Cities 
  • If shipping a car to any of the areas above from and to or to and from are all fast pick up areas and auto transport routes. 

Have a question?

No. We provide a door to door customer experience in almost all cases. As long as our large trucks can safely get into your neighborhood, we will come right to your door. If you live in a gated community, a very tight cul-de-sac, or somewhere that’s not accessible, our driver will work with you to find a nearby parking lot at a shopping center, office park, or school to meet you. 

Most, if not all, of our transport vehicles, will ship your car if it’s not running. Usually, they will charge a fee for your «INOP» (inoperable vehicle), as the driver will have to spend additional time first unloading other cars, then using a winch to load it onto the truck, and then reloading the other vehicles back on to the truck. At the delivery, they have to go through the same process again. Make sure that you let the car shipping company know if your vehicle is DNR (does not run, not do not resuscitate) so they can make the necessary changes to your information as well as let the trucking company know. It is also essential to give the car shipping company to see if it does not roll, brake, or steer. This is just to let them and the trucking company know if they need to make any special arraignments. 

In our opinion, you are crazy to do so. Paying an upfront deposit to a shipping company is EXACTLY like paying a real estate broker their commission before they’ve sold your home! We don’t ask our customers to pay for our services until we’ve earned our fees. Collecting our fees is when we have confirmed your pickup with one of our drivers for an exact date, knowing an estimated delivery date and that our driver has, in fact, agreed in writing to the dispatch contract we’ve given him. 

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